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Welcome to the Change-ing Room!

Lap-dancing classes to self-empower, self-validate and delight.

Recreating the intimacy, silliness and sisterly support of a strip-club changing room!
Nudity is not a requirement, and depending on venues some classes are fully clothed (Things get interesting what can I say).
You do not have to wear heels, in face barefoot is preferable!
It doesn't matter if you have big boobies, small boobies, cellulite, scars, hairy legs, a flat bottom, round bottom, or any other perceived less-thans. 
Bring everything you got and nothing less!
Just come with a body you are friends with, or willing to make friends with, and I will do the rest. 
  • Learn how to perform a basic strip tease 

  • Learn how to confidently own   your space in a room

  • Reclaim your feminine power and desirability

  • Gain tools for overcoming nerves and anxiety

  • Have a giggle in a female-centred environment

  • Reconnect with your body's   natural rhythm and release the   shame often attached to certain aspects of a woman's body


The changing room of a strip-club is a funny thing, more than just a dressing room or place to eat pizza at 3 in the morning, it is a place you go to transform into a new and totally unique part of yourself, a part created for and confined to the club. And this process is where all the power lies! 


The ability to create a character who is separate from the version of yourself that has been stressed out with kids off school, having family issues or juggling housework and a day job and trying to find time to just be a human being for a little while in-between. A character with no inhibitions, free to be playful, controlling, coy, silly, confident, talkative, kinky, or whatever combination of characteristics you feel inclined towards that day. 

That is why this class is called the change-ing room. It’s where you come to escape, transform, blossom, reconnect, play, explore, and do all of it in a safe female-centred environment. 

The class combines classic Hypnotherapy techniques designed to put you right back into your power-place, adds a sprinkle of Emotional Freedom Technique (can I get a yaaaaas?), some fun and simple visualisations and a lot of flesh-wiggling and dresses it all up in lace.

I was surprised by how therapeutic the experience was, stripping as therapy is the future!

                 - Kaitlyn, UK

This woman has found her calling, it was amazing to see girls start the class awkwardly saying 'I'm not sexy' to ending it knowing all about the fierce warrior woman inside of them thanks to her teaching, guidance and down to earth attitude.


                                - Jenn, UK

No matter your reason for going, you will walk out feeling gorgeous, sexy, confident, independent, empowered and happy. I loved it and I can’t wait for the next one!

                        - Amelia