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Trauma should not dictate how a woman’s life is lived years later, healing is about more than 'surviving' or 'recovering', is it about thriving.


I am extremely sex-positive, but of course I am still learning and always will be. I am deeply witchy, ritual is important to me and a profound trust and belief in the Universe and the Divine guides every facet of my life. I love to laugh not to make light of things but to bring light into places it feels needed, and also because laughing is like a big massage for your internal organs.

I am a crystal hoarder, long hot baths solve almost anything in my house, and tickling cats bellies (after raising them to tolerate such treatment) is as good a way to de-stress as any I’ve found. 

I believe play can heal most things in a relationship if both partners are willing to let their guard down. 

My deepest belief is that a woman truly standing in her power has the ability to empower others, and so empowered women have the power to create a ripple that changes the world.

How I came to be here:

In my early teens I was the victim of a rape, and then abuse for several years following. These experiences triggered debilitating Agoraphobia and C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). My search for joy, trust, empowerment and healing after living in a state of constant overwhelming fear for a long time lead me down some interesting and unusual paths. I found myself in BSDM clubs, at Shamanic blessing ceremonies and working for 4 years as an exotic  dancer at a strip-club. I tried so many kinds of therapy and so many kinds of sex, searching for a way back to my body and back to my pleasure and truth.


It lead me to realising that there is no one path to healing, and that this path is bumpy and far longer than we would hope or anticipate. There is no one stumbling block that once overcome is followed by smooth sailing, and it takes more than one technique or one moment of breakthrough to shed the pain sexual trauma imprints on a woman's body.


This journey inspired a deep desire to learn more about female sexuality and healing after trauma, and directed me to train in multiple therapeutic practices including Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, Neuro Linguistic Programming and traditional Life Coaching. 

I marry all of these therapeutic techniques and coaching styles together with a heavy dose of woo-factor - think witchery, all things Law Of Attraction and deep bows to the wise and fearsome goddess within each of us - to create a coaching practice that helps women learn how to slow down and listen to their bodies, develop their own healing tools to continue to use in their daily lives and cultivate wellness rituals that support a joyful and most of all, fearless life.


I am dedicated to cultivating a toolbox of healing techniques that is varied and constantly growing, and helping women find the courage to reconnect with their bodies, own their space and reclaim their sexual power. 


I write articles for various online magazines and blogs about wellbeing, sexuality, equality, feminism and how to live our most joyful unbridled lives! Writing is my passion and where I find my voice most easily, through storytelling I find new ways to heal, dig deeper into my truth and invite others to do the same. 


I also teach beginners lap-dancing workshops around the UK as a tool for empowerment and self-validation (and fun!), I love the quote ‘Stripping as therapy is the future” - said by a very happy workshop attendee - in fact I believe anything that inspires deeper trust in your physical body and reverence in your innate sexuality is powerful psychic medicine. 

Media Bio

Esther works with women who want to reconnect with their bodies and reclaim their sexuality after sexual trauma.


She uses a wide range of modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ego-State Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and traditional Life Coaching. These tools combined with her personal experience in trauma recovery, extensive experience in the adult entertainment industry and research into all aspects of sexual healing are what she uses to help women find their perfect path to healing, understanding that there is no 'one size fits all' technique out there. 

Esther frequently writes articles for various online magazines and blogs about wellbeing, sexuality, equality, feminism and how to live our most joyful, unbridled lives! She also creates educational and occasionally irreverent content for BBC The Social on trauma healing, sexual assault prevention, self care and her experiences as a stripper.