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I teach sex education!

Trauma-informed, consent-driven,

pleasure focused and inclusive.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss how I can help support you to update or supplement your schools relationship and sex education programme or create a bespoke workshop for your organisation, youth group or women's centre.

I work with both young people and adults (you're never too old for good sex education!) and can deliver on any topics within the government guidelines for RSE curriculum.

I also offer bespoke packages on the following topics which can be delivered as single sessions, half-day or full-day workshops or as a series and tailored to any age-group and class size:

  • Pornography and the media

  • Consent and boundaries

  • Pleasure and gender-inclusive anatomy (can be adapted for adults and young people)

  • 'What is sex?' - an introduction to sex ed and reframing sex in an inclusive way, redirecting the focus away from penetrative, heterosexual sex being the default and ideal.

  • Exploring the difference between desire and arousal and how this links to communication, consent and healthier relationships with sex, our bodies and each other.

All classes use gender-inclusive language.

sex ed
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