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  • How to tune in and listen to your body, understand what ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feel like in your body and how to work with the messages your body is sending you daily

  • The science surrounding desire and arousal that effects when you feel desire and why desire might sometimes feel ‘blocked'

  • How trauma effects the brain and body and how this may have caused you to react to wanted sexual experiences in the past

  • How to use basic EFT as a self-help tool for navigating challenges through this course and in every-day life

  • How to express sexual needs and boundaries and sexual negotiation skills (crucial when it comes to happy, nourishing sex after trauma)

  • Recommended reading and resources for continued exploration and support during and after this course

  • How to explore, create and express boundaries in a romantic/sexual relationship

  • Techniques for deeper healing and connection within a romantic/sexual relationship

  • Outercourse - Exploring what sex can look like if traditional penis in vagina and penetrative sex is taken out of the equation

  • How to navigate triggering during intimacy and create a ‘trigger plan’ to support yourself and help your partner support you if this happens.

  • Understanding vaginismus, vulvodynia and other painful sex conditions, their causes, how they can be effected by and connected to trauma and how to support yourself in navigating and healing them.

  • Powerful breath-work practices and meditations that help manage anxiety and triggers and bring deeper connection and embodied healing

  • Learning how to map your pleasure and understand the triggers for your desire

  • Exploring ethical options and alternatives to ‘traditional’ porn, rejecting the objectification and exploitation of mainstream pornography and finding beautiful and ethical alternatives that can assist you in exploring the possibilities of your own desire.

  • Exploring our relationship with self-touch

  • How different forms of movement can help you to heal and recreate a new relationship with your body

  • How to create a supportive foundation of self-care rituals and practices to hold space for yourself during your healing journey

And (would you believe it!?) SO much more. . .

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