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I can help you with ...

  •        Self esteem, confidence and body-image issues

  •        Struggling to get pleasure from sex

  •        Issues relaxing when being intimate

  •        Issues feeling the need to be performative during sex

  •        Beliefs that sex is for others, but not for you

  •        Experiencing discomfort or pain associated with penetrative sex

  •        Building sexual communication skills

  •        Finding clarity around what you do and don’t want when it comes to your experience of sex and relationships

  •        Clarifying personal and sexual boundaries and building confidence to uphold them

  •        Creating a trigger-plan

  •        Navigating and managing triggering and flashbacks

  •        Reconnecting with desire and rediscovering what pleasure can mean for you

  •        A place to be heard, seen and nurtured

  •        Signposting to other organisations and creating a supportive action plan in the aftermath of trauma

I help women reconnect with their sexual power and create new relationships with their post-trauma experienced bodies; relationships built on foundations of deep respect, trust, compassion and joyful possibility.

I use a combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), hypnotic meditations and visualisations, coaching and intuitive guidance to hold a space where healing can take place and clarity can be found.

Whichever model of support you choose for our work together, whether it is a stand-alone session or more long-term engagement it’s important to note I am not acting as your therapist.


Your body is your greatest teacher and healer, I will help you reconnect; tapping into the wisdom within and lovingly guiding you back to yourself. Together we will dive deep into my tool-box of resources, practices and self-help techniques and pull out what we think will be the best fit for you.


My 1:1 practice alongside my sex education facilitation are founded on the belief that sex is not about sexual penetration, it's about connection; perhaps with ourselves, another person or the Universe around us.

Sexual wellbeing, and reconnecting with your 'Sexual power' means something different for everyone.


This is not about sexual prowess (whatever that means), having something resembling the 'stereotypical' sex life that is sold to us as 'ideal' in the media, or miraculously spontaneous and mutually experienced sexual desire, culminating not only in fantastic sex but also all the orgasms you could dream of.


Sexual wellbeing, for me, is knowing what sexual joy and harmony mean and look like for you individually and within your relationship and being at peace with that.


And sexual power, for me, is the ability to know and connect with your own desires and boundaries and be able to communicate them, honour them, and explore them, feeling safe in your body and the sexual spaces you create to expand in.


This is the standard I hold for my clients and it's this place of knowing and trusting yourself and being able to love and hold space for your own growth and exploration that I know I can help you move towards.

How I work 

Sessions with me are conducted in a consultation style, we will discuss the issues you are presenting with and prioritising for exploring, and use a combination of relationship and intimacy re-education, therapeutic modalities (such as Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Parts Therapy and Inner Child) along with self-compassion and boundaries work.
What a session together looks like will depend very much on what issues you wish to work on and then we will intuitively work together to find the support that is most needed by your system at this time.

I may recommend other forms of support to enhance the work we do together, or I may refer you to someone who I feel is better suited to work with you due to specialising in a field closer to your needs or having different experience or tools to me.

Sliding scale pricing 

Pay it forward fee - £80 per hr (pay for a future session for someone who needs it, this may include members of LGBTQ+ communities, BIPOC communities or SW communities, or anyone experiencing hardship due to cost of living crisis. 

Suggested fee - £50 per hr


No questions asked fee - £25 per hr (for anyone for whom £50 would be financially harmful) 


A lower fee may be available, so please do contact me directly if you feel called to work together, let me know your situation and we will find a donation amount that feels comfortable to you, while still honouring the transformation being undertaken. Money should NOT be barrier to growth and healing. 



I run workshops:

  • Consent

  • Boundaries

  • Communication

  • Anatomy

  • Women's circles

  • Sexual trauma healing

  • Sexual empowerment

  • Sexual violence prevention and awareness

  • And more!


I write:

  • Freelance journalism

  • Guest blogs

  • Reviews

  • Wellness and self care

  • Mental health

  • Sexual empowerment

  • Trauma resolution

  • Sex positivity

  • Sex and Relationship Education

  • Relationship navigation

  • Sex-workers rights

Media consultancy

I offer consultation services for support across a variety of media platforms and spaces including documentaries, TV series, online video content, radio and podcasts. I can help you navigate complex topicslike consent, trauma healing, sexual assault, prevention, sex and relationships and RSE in an informed way with awareness, consideration and care. 

Get in touch to find out about my 2022 availability and discuss your needs.


Let's make magic together! 

Collaboration over competition!

Disc Call



Let's discover whether we are a match to make healing magic together.

If you are interested in discovering whether this work is a good fit for you book a Discovery Call, during this we will be able to find out a bit more about each other and you will have a chance to ask me any questions you have.


Most of all this call is an opportunity to discover whether I am the right person for you to be working with at this point on your journey. It also helps me to get a feel for where you are at and what your needs are!

PLEASE READ: Once you have filled out the form below, I will be in touch to arrange a suitable time for our call. In the upcoming days please keep an eye on your inbox and check your spam and junk folders to avoid missing this email.

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